Our Study Abroad Services offer a good compromise between the continuous assessment favoured by some universities and the emphasis placement.

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ANZPTC PROFILE Established in year 1994, ANZPTC is a leading global education placement provider that offers an extensive range of educational/ life change for better services through 3 major areas to students i.e. Universities, VET Sector and Privates Institutes. ANZPTC has its head office based in Sydney, Australia with Country offices in India and Fiji. The India head office is based in Mumbai with regional offices in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa and the Fiji office is based in Nadi. In 2019 we plan to open new offices in Amritsar & Delhi, India. Customer service is our major strength as every customer is treated as our first customer. We are very clear in our vision that we will not comprise our quality for quantity in terms of our service. We give great importance to the ESOS guideline and we follow them in our daily business. All our staff are fully trained in house and we make sure the guidelines are not misinterpreted in anyway. ANZPTC has achieved it status in the Industry through; Relationship: All our relationships with Institutes are managed by Chairman Subhas Chandra. The customer relations are handled by Country Partners. The India Partner Swaroopa Latchmi has extensive knowledge with years of experience in Fiji, Australia & New Zealand. Quality Control: All applications are counter checked with document authenticity. Our GTE controls have been very stringent and this has given us a very good visa success rate. All applications are evaluated and to make sure we keep our success rate. The documents lodged with Institutes are in par with the Institutes requirements. In-Country Service – Our Sydney office looks after Australia & NZ. We offer services to our students for Accommodation, Job Search, Post-Study visas and in any emergency. In terms of new students we look after where required we assist in accommodation, job interview, airport pick up, city & community orientation. Our focus is only to recruit for  Australia  New Zealand The day to day operations are managed by Managers, and overseen by Country Manager. We have plans to appoint State Managers. Our Registered Office is ANZPTC Trust 16 Wanda St Merrylands West,NSW Australia 2160.

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